Unlocking phones once your contract is up is going to be gratis, like



What is this going to mean for those fellas in the market? Express on covers, now this!


Can you still get chipped playstations? Maybe they could focus on that.


do you remember those d-boxes? might have been called something else.

basically, you paid a one off 80 odd quid for a box and got all the movies, sports, PPV events. they were great


Let’s fucking hope so!

(Have you brought ohgood and umlaut with you? Do you need any advice on collecting badges?)


this has nothing to do with anything


selfie sticks and vaping kits. they’ll be ok,


I have not. They may need time, it was traumatising being there as it closed. I managed to fire out one last pitiful post by the end, then that was that.

I have got about three badges so far, how many are there?


If you’re in contact please give them our best


What are ‘Express on covers’?


Unlimited. It’s their way of keeping us here forever.


I have no idea, marckee.


Wait aren’t contract phones already unlocked?


No, you div!


Pretty sure mine always have been


None of mine have ever been.

Someone put this punk in his place.


you’re on payg then. like a child.


Not a fan of anything that makes life easier for mugs still buying contract phones in 2016, tbqfh.



Might stick Cyanogenmod on my Xperia Z3 compact.