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Just had to delay a dinner where I had already boiled the pasta for about half the time. Drained it and am now waiting to get the nod to finish cooking it.

What sits in the colander now is what the supermarkets refer to as fresh pasta.

Pass it on.


Screenshot this as quickly as you can


How long do you reckon til the nod?

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you cook pasta weirdly imo

As soon as the baby stops pricking about

With most sauces I would just have finished cooking and then added the sauce and reheated. This is an avocado pesto that you would not want to apply direct heat to so the pasta had to be hot at go tune.

No 3 Dolmio Avenue

still not sure why the pasta is being cooked in installments but that sounds nice, i hope you have a nice time when you eventually get to eat it

I thought we would be eating at 8.05 but at 8 the oldest trotted down and said that his mum/my wife had still not emerged from the baby’s room so I had to have a mid boil pause.

Going back on now


i now understand. thank you for your candour

how did it turn out

No different to usual. However the baby screamed through dinner which we chucked down our necks and we managed 8m54s TV viewing.

i nornally have my avocado pesto with linguine fyi