Unlucky things for you


June. Every June since 2012 has been a fucking disaster for me. Only 2 and a half weeks to go until I find out what will go wrong this year!!

Anyone else got something massively unlucky for them?




Lost an important Netrunner game to something like a less than 7% chance of a particular thing happening. That was pretty annoying.

It was also in June, coincidentally.


2011 was an unlucky awful year, hopefully I don’t see a year like that again: my mum was hit by a bus and was gravely injured and 3 months later my dad died of a heart attack. My poor parents :sob: also july: 2011, my dad died, then 2014, my grandma died then 2016, my cat that I adopted in 2003 died. I do prefer a sunny funeral tho, if I have to choose :sleepy:


The Dis Boards


Having a positive thought. Within an hour something goes catastrophically wrong.




April/May each year is when I get a summer cold/decide to leave jobs/make life changing decisions/generally feel depressed.

I love summer, but it all gets a bit much innit


Last two family pets we had were both put down on January 3rd, 11 years apart. It’s not one of my favourite days.


Yo La Tengo’s Electr-O-Pura might be come to think of it. My roommate freshman year of college would play it all the time and the next 14 years of life were miserable. And then when I revisited it on my own Donald Trump was elected president later that night. It’s so good though!


Was gonna like every post in this thread but can’t bring myself to like that :cry: