Unnecessary things people pay good money for


beard trim - no need, dude. do it yourself, ya massive blockhead

other stuff?




Apple products.


Bottled water

(occasional sparkling is permitted)


Disposable razors (if shaving your face), or any razor that isn’t a safety razor. Or possibly a cutthroat razor, but that’s a bit hardcore.


nah. non-physical forms of music are bullshit, man

good for reference points, bbq’s, cycling, running. that’s it


DiS Platinum.

DiS Gold level membership is all anyone really needs.


Fabric conditioner. That’s right cover your clothes with a layer of chemicals so they smell ‘natural’


food bags - just grab 50 or 60 every now and again from the veg aisle


You love a bit of safety razor chat


ya daft thief


this isn’t the same as a food bag


I’ve conceded this argument with 'er indoors because I can’t be arsed. But we’re both right, you and I.


guys i bought this stuff which you put in the washing machine with your clothes that makes them smell fresher for longer

it also leaves a horrible slimey film on the clothes sometimes and you have to wash them again


It’s all I talk about at the big Netrunner meets.


what do you mean? we’re talking those clear, plastic bags that cunts put one banana in, yeah? that’s a food bag where I come from


Isn’t it more about softening things, like towels go all weird without it


what you putting in that at home?

cause if you’re trying to keep food fresh, you’re failing man. You’ve got to have the zip lock seal or those bags are making a mug of you


what the hell do you use these for at home, silky?


sorry dude, but that’s crazy!

I wrap stuff like cheese and what have you. I’ve got those zip lock things you talk about, but mainly use them for frozen shit i’ve batched cooked.