Unorthodox habits that you swear by


I use the bread knife to chop tomatoes. Have done for years. The serated edge handles the elasticy skin/soft flesh perfectly.

Your turn


N.b. thinly veiled I am cooking tea thread


Occasionally brushing my teeth with salt, or using charcoal on them - can’t afford teeth whitening stuff and I’m scared of bicarb/peroxide mixes so these work quite well. Charcoal whitens and salt is like exfoliation, cleans better than just toothpaste day in day out




Have you tried oil pulling or whatever it’s called? You can get a jar of coconut oil for relatively cheap in the world food section of supermarkets (rather than the expensive, trendily packaged stuff that’s the SAME THING). I put a teaspoon or so in my mouth and swish it round while I’m in the shower- the texture takes a bit of getting used to, but yeah I find it works and a jar lasts for ages.
Also smother it on my hair once a week and it makes it all soft and smell nice :slight_smile:


Does it work or is it more of a placebo type effect?


Yeah I’ve done that a few times! Coconut oil is great!


Charcoal is long known for whitening properties, I guess it’s something passed down from older family members, same with salt! A bit of table salt on the toothbrush and brushed over teeth followed by normal brushing does feel like it works. Also I swill with warm saltwater whenever I had a tooth taken out or a burnt tongue from drinking hot tea or whatever and it always helps disinfect so I’m used to the taste


Honestly it works!


Literally just cut this pizza with scissors:


These are actual things! Also excuse the really long urls :sweat_smile:


It really is! I’ve turned into one of those people who use it for everything I can now :coconut:


Yep, pretty sure the Romans used charcoal to clean their teeth.


I trust anything older generations of my family did with their teeth, they never needed dentures


You know it’s the right thing to do.

Also, @jazzballet have you seen this:

It’s from Superdrug and it’s really nice, tastes slightly aniseedy. It’s my current toothpaste!


Works at what exactly?


Whitening teeth! The oil is supposed to “pull out” any toxins and improve oral health and the like. Might be total snake oil but it seems to work for me


wow this is a great tip!

My teeth aren’t the best so this might be neat to try.

Cheers :slight_smile:


steak knife for cutting tomatoes
put shoes in the washing machine
sometimes floss my teeth with a strand of hair
instead of using a bobble to put my hair in a bun I just tie it in a knot like an actual topknot
eating most things with chopsticks
cutting up the little foil tray things that paracetamol comes in and always having one or two in my purse (same with other medications I might need to take)
not having a smart phone
stuff like that


Wear my underwear inside out
Much comfier