Unorthodox habits that you swear by

I use the bread knife to chop tomatoes. Have done for years. The serated edge handles the elasticy skin/soft flesh perfectly.

Your turn


N.b. thinly veiled I am cooking tea thread



Does it work or is it more of a placebo type effect?

Literally just cut this pizza with scissors:


Yep, pretty sure the Romans used charcoal to clean their teeth.

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You know it’s the right thing to do.

Also, @jazzballet have you seen this:

It’s from Superdrug and it’s really nice, tastes slightly aniseedy. It’s my current toothpaste!


Works at what exactly?

wow this is a great tip!

My teeth aren’t the best so this might be neat to try.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Wear my underwear inside out
Much comfier

Tell me more about not having a smart phone

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Cos of the seam

Trying to stop using my smartphone cos of Internet addiction
Its hard but I’ve started using an actual alarm clock again and am mp3 player instead of using my phone for everything

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I’ve said this before and I know it’s part of my privilege but I go out without my phone most days, really helps my anxiety knowing I’m uncontactable.


you animal.

Was the transition…seamless. :disappointed:

I prefer to do this, as it opens better and you get a handle, but you have to do something about that shitty little sour bit at the tip

Steak knives are probably even better…I just don’t own one!

The smart phone thing is a good one…I currently have three hang ups though: a) currently half way through an expensive contract :frowning: b) fear of missing out (ridiculous, but it still affects me) and c) the feeling that I shouldn’t have to have a completely offline phone to reduce smartphone addiction…which in a way is ridiculous and something I’m looking forward to overcoming!