Unquestioned shininess

No real reason for our cutlery to be shiny is there and yet nobody seems to question it.

Post about this or other examples of unquestioned shininess in this thread.

why was this so shiny


Panini club badge stickers


My forehead is really shiny and I don’t know why - I never asked it

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ask it, what’s the worst that can happen

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It no commented me

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I don’t know about that show but from the thumbnail they seem like a GTGBOL

isn’t cutlery shiny because of what it’s made of?


Boots of leather

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Sometimes metal is “matte” though (I think)

Donatella’s shiny


they used to congratulate their pals by saying ‘give yourself a shiny’, and then the congratulatee would give themselves a bit of tin foil or a fork or something

it was really weird and I only saw it once but it stuck with me.

‘give yourself a shiny’ Tone, you deserve it

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At your school did kids get real grief if their shoes were too shiny/clean?

Would be dead good if that was a culture that remained in adulthood IMO.

(I caught a shiny Zangoose this morning)

oooh nice! can I have it pls

If you want

unquestioned matteness
^probably too radical a thread idea now but could be good at some point


Italian men’s hair

I’d be interested in reading and contributing to a thread like that

I think the existence of hair products with a “matte finish” is positing a question to the shininess of some people’s hair so I am NOT counting this as a valid contribution I’m afraid, Daggers.