Unquestioned shininess

I caught my THIRD shiny Swablu yesterday, I like it because it looks like a flying chicken nugget



I don’t have a shiny Swablu. I think the only one I have more than one shiny of is that stupid Pine Cone one.

Not that I remember but box fresh trainers were for losers. I still feel that now.

I don’t have that, lets meet some time and trade pokemon and have some soft drinks x

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Did you ever get a pair of new shoes/trainers and deliberately scuff them up a bit before going into school?

That sounds like a pleasant proposition to me x

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Of course. Especially when I was skating.

When were you skating please, Lonzy?

12-14 I guess. I was going to skate my whole life.

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Happy People

Were you an in-line boy?

Rolly skates? Are your shitting me?

BTW rolly skates is a Larry Sanders (Artie) reference.

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ok, back to talking about imaginary monsters in a video game

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When I’m talking about them in real conversation I refer to them as “beasts” rather than monsters. How does that make you feel?

Anthony I recently bought some stonewashed cutlery that isn’t shiny at all. What do you make of that eh.

In my opinion it’s not shiny because it’s dirty! Cutlery should be washed with water, not stones!

It’s because magpies are major shareholders in the cutlery industry

Well your opinion ain’t worth shit in my kitchen.

That’s probably one of the only times when I’ll drop my stupid facade of “there are only two types of birds, tropical and normal” because it’s well funny that magpies just fucking love shiny stuff. Cannot get enough of it can they.