Unread Threads

Probably a decent gauge as to how tory you are tbh.

I’ve got 2309 unread posts in the buying a house thread as of today.

I’m really annoyed at myself for going in the cycling thread for some reason. Had thousands of unread posts in there.

Really miss them.

Got 1803 in the social media one

good work


Really hoped this was gonna get no replies, sorry prof


Pitiful. I have 1977

I’ve muted all the threads that are rolling and I know I won’t go in so can’t see what the biggest ones are. Got 750 unread in the football thread.

I might mute all threads apart from this one

You’re going to miss some really great content!

So close

2k in the football thread. Bunch of hooligans in there I expect

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I don’t fully understand how the numbers work so it’s entirely possible I’ve posted the wrong thing

3,745 unread in the gaming thread