Unsalted butter


Pointless innit. Even if a recipe calls for it you better believe I’m putting salted butter in there.



what about a cake




What about if the doc says you need to reduce the salt in your diet, or YOU’LL DIE

(actually, I was told that if my blood pressure stayed at the level it was I’d die by the time I was 50, but high sodium levels correlate with high blood pressure)


Can’t tell the difference tbh


You better believe that cake’s gonna taste of salt.

Usually fine innit, the amount of fucking sugar and icing going in my cakes you wouldn’t be like ‘oooh you’ve used salted butter haven’t you, you heathen’.


That Brittany butter with the salt swirl all the way through



Hardly any salt in my diet as is orchard, never add salt to anything once the cooking process is completed.


what about bulletproof coffee


under the salted caramel hegemony no ones gonna question it are they


What about shut up.


Salted butter has a longer use by date = that’s the one to buy


Awful stuff


what about just make it normal butter and if i want to put salt on it i’ll put salt on it

it’s not a chore to add salt to things


Me neither, but I’m willing to look at what salt their is and try and reduce it.


You’re a chore


Use unsalted butter in a Victoria sponge, pretty much everything else is getting salted butter.


Gah you beat me to it.


I wish you well in your war against salt m9.


Not really into butter, if I’m honest.