Unsolicited (and unwanted) things that happen to you when exchanging money for goods or services


Just had a haircut, bloke trimmed my eyebrows, this was unsolicited and unwanted. A previous visit resulted in an unsolicited and unwanted hot towel.

Usually these services are verbally offered and I refuse them, today he only verbally offered the hot towel (refused) and just trimmed my eyebrows unsolicitedly.

Now you go.


Fucking Superdrug. Always asking if you want perfume or stamps at the checkout. Always.

Hurry up and get self service you shits.


When you buy a bottle of water in a WH Smiths in the airport and they try to force you to take a copy of the Telegraph.


So they are solicited at least?


Occasionally have to interact with human beings.


Also an example of something being solicited



okay when they bring bread to the table at a restaurant but you never asked for it and don’t want it


People behind the counter who offer you an unsolicited smile.

I hate them.


Thanks Nicola, excellent example. Thanks for your contribution to the thread.


why are you buying water in a Smiths? They’re extortionate!


When people say “Enjoy!”


Can I have something unsolicited and wanted? (I will edit out if neccessary)

One of the guys working on our house, the other day we gave him lasagne and then some crumble, said that out gutter is bent (which we knew and it drips) and next time he’s round he’ll fix it for us!


Puts so much pressure on me to smile back. But what if I don’t want to smile back? What then?


Because it and Boots are the only places selling bottles of water in an airport?


I’m going to allow this.


Prior planning my friend. Prior planning.


It was also solicited. Let’s pretend he has done it without asking me.


When you go to the physio and they pop a cheeky thumb up your bum at the end.


They’re trying to save you money, you daftie.


How do you get a bottle (larger than 100mm) through security?