Unsound 2019 - Krakow

First acts announced

Tickets on sale in 90 mins or so, works out about £90 for the weekend


Anyone thinking of going?

Tempted (which I say all the time but really want to do a festival this year).

Does it sell out quickly?

I think it does these days but not sure. I only went once (nearly a decade ago, gulp) but I loved it.

What’s the craic with Sunn O))) being booked at electronic festivals this year?

Sold out in under an hour so guess that answers that!

just bought a Forum pass for the weekend. first time going since 2014, and the full 8 day pass wrecked me back then, so hoping I can at least get through 3 clubnights and a couple of bits on the side…

Friend of mine has gone every year for the last 7/8 years. She loves it. In fact she put off buying a Holly Herndon ticket at the Barbican, hoping instead she’ll play Unsound.

I’ve never been, but Krakow is a cracking city. Lovely ice cream.

Been a couple of times. Seen some very memorable sets: JLin, Forest Swords, Kode9, Ben Frost… but it does regularly veer into anonymous electronic stuff nearly every night. It’s fun, but not an essential festival nowadays considering it shares most acts with the likes of Le Guess Who/Rewire.