Unsubtle throwing of shade by rival firms

If you search for Bing Maps on Google (I wouldn’t normally use Bing Maps but they do Ordnance Survey maps online):

Bing refuses to retaliate, though

is that not just a news story that probably has got more clicks in the last 2 days since it was posted?

(Still a good thread idea though)

I’ve noticed it before, though. Unless Bing just keeps fucking stuff up.

Bing is from Microsoft so now you have two equally possible options :smiley:

:thinking: shade?

Good example! I don’t want a load of greasy fingerprints on my screen thank you very much.

Is this problematic? Apologies if so. Y’know. Beeves as people would say on DiS.

i just don’t see how it’s shade. it’s not witty. they’re reporting someone being dead?

Damn, was going to post a comment FYI-ing @penoid to have a go at you for getting ‘throwing shade’ wrong but I was too late

They’ve just got a track history of doing the same thing. I don’t have Bing Maps bookmarked so I usually end up on it through Google. And every time I do a Google search for Bing Maps, there’s a story about how Bing Maps has fucked something up - hosting an image of a homicide victim, or sending someone into the middle of an army training zone via Satnav, or something like that.

Noted re: the usage; will use a different phrase in future, thanks.

It’s not really much clearer from watching that (although a highly interesting thing to watch) in what context ‘shade’ should be used. I guess the media are responsible here because like C_c_b I just assumed it was a slang term for making someone else look bad or making it clear they are bad.

(Also, surely the point was that Google’s making Bing look like it’s a terrible website for including details of someone’s death, basically by making sure news stories that make Bing look shit are the ones bubbling up to the top when you search for it.)

i’m not the shade police, nor do i go round calling things shade but having always known the origins/contextual info behind the usage of it (queer and trans black and latinx poc, ballroom culture) it’s weird seeing it now being used as a synonym of so many different words.

theres been loads of stuff written in the last few years about the appropriation of ballroom culture, and moreso the phenomenon of aave/black slang and the language of qpoc being appropriated by white gays which is then in turn is appropriated by white women and thus basically starts to lose it’s original meaning. am sure i’ve linked to stuff about it before on the old boards.

so many articles off a quick google search -

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oh yeah, “white gays” stealing from black women is a whole separate thing to the appropriation of ballroom culture, but i guess somewhat related

http://katblaque.com/re-re-is-rupauls-drag-race-racist/ (on drag race being full of appropriation, and rupaul himself being guilty of misogynoir)

o - not all white gays!

Save it for Shade Court!

Dorien Corey is the best :heart_eyes:

This is kind of interesting:

Here’s a more concrete example: Imagine that your annoying work “friend” comes in one day carrying a brand new, very expensive handbag that you absolutely hate.

You could say: Wow, that bag is not cute. Why did you even buy it? But that would probably be incredibly awkward and lead to a fight. That is not shade; that’s outright hostility.

Instead, if you wanted to insult her bag by using shade, you could smirk: You’re always so adventurous when it comes to fashion. I could never take the risks that you do. I admire that. (The implication, obviously, is that her bag is fugtrocious and you wouldn’t be caught dead with it.)

In many ways it seems a lot like negging.

I remember looking up Dorien Corey after watching Paris is Burning and being stopped in my tracks by the final section of the wikipedia page: