Unsung hero/thankless tasks bragging thread

(or: low level domestic gripes thread)

  1. Our shower is a mixer thing rather than a power shower, so if you run a tap/flush a loo while it’s on then it massively affects the pressure. Because of this I go to heroic lengths to not use any other water appliance while 'er indoors is in the shower.

She does not extend the same courtesy to me, although I only realised today that it might be because I’m so ruddy bloody heroic that she hasn’t ever experienced the issue.

  1. I think 'er indoors has some kind of standing water selective blindness. I go to heroic lengths to wipe down the kitchen surfaces every time she’s been in there because there will somehow be standing water on at least three (3) surfaces if she’s so much as made a cup of tea.
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The runner at work is nowhere to be seen so I just had to make my own coffee. Ycmiu.


don’t kill any insects or spiders anymore just carefully collect them in a glass and drop them out of the front door

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I’ve probably mentioned this but I effectively kickstarted literary modernism when I was 13. Like it already existed but I didn’t know about it at that point soooo

Spiders are equal inhabitants in our home. What right do I have to move them on? None.


Set outside a right hoofer of a spider the other day while everyone else was asleep

Took a photo so as to ensure it wasn’t too unsung

They don’t pay for the Netflix they can fuck off

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Well by that same logic, 'er indoors

I’m afraid house spiders won’t survive outside. Generally I try and leave spiders alone.

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I’m the only one who buys toilet paper for the flat, but at least we share the cost.

salt, pepper, bread, butter on the other hand, flatmates just help themselves

I don’t think participating in this thread will make me feel good. I’ll be here all day

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i’m no hero

what was the answerr to your stupid fucking quiz

GF used to mock me about the brexit stockpile, now she’s started suggesting other things to hoard.

And the unsung becomes the sung.

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Our bathroom spider is a SAINT. We live near a wetlands so loads of midges/mossies come in when the window opens. Terrence just sits above the doorframe eating the fuckers. He is so fat now


You see people say that but I’m not so sure. Do our houses become Galapagos style islands for generations of spiders?

Plus you see those fuckers under concrete slabs and in sheds or garages. Stick 'em outside and they’ll soon find somewhere else to live.

Do you want any tinned pears? She went a bit overboard on those.


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this is a shame but when they are in the bath or near electronics etc what to do eh?

Big bag of turmeric for some loo rolls?