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this one still going as well

Here’s a random few I’ve found today that I’ve already got if anyone would like ‘em:

PJ Harvey: Dry
Hey Colossus: The Guillotine
Xylouris White: Black Peak

The tenth and final tape in the Optimo mixtape series has arrived, so I’ve got two codes for that. It’s called Sketches for Winter.

Also, for anyone who’s took any of the previous ones, there’s a booklet with this which has tracklistings for all of them, so if you want to know any of them I’ll send you a photo of the relevant list if you want.

As ever, would definitely take one of these of still going :+1:

And would be interested in the tracklistings also depending on how much of a faff for you that would be?

No problem, will send on tomorrow

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For @Petagno and whoever else may be interested, here are the tracklists

OMT 001 – Ultragoth

OMT 002 – Polyphonic Cosmos

OMT 003 – SMILE²

OMT 004 – Raise Your Hands If You Understand

OMT 005 – Sketches For Summer

OMT 006 – Caverns of Dub

OMT 007 – Crate of Jamaica

OMT 008 – The Word is Love

OMT 009 – Let There Be Drums

OMT 010 – Sketches For Winter


This is brilliant thanks! I think I subscribed too late in the series so won’t be getting a booklet with the final tape unfortunately so this is amazing!

Edit: favourite tape of the whole series?

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Probably the space one (tape 3) for me was most in line with my tastes, but the Japanese one (tape 2) was full of great stuff I’ve never heard. Tape 8 was great too, I’ll be listening to them all for ages.

Ah tape 3 is the only one I’ve not heard! Tracklist for that one looks good, recognise a lot of names on there.

My favourite was a toss up between the Japanese one and the early rave/ambient one (tape 4). Agreed there’s plenty more repeat listens for all of them.

Postie dropped off the last tape at lunchtime, very pleased to find a booklet was included too! It’s another cracker, particularly side 2

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To anyone who maybe looked at these and liked the look of them, there is a charity raffle for the tapes running, and also an offer to get them all digitally for £25 (also for charity).

The National - Boxer

This just fell out of the sleeve of my vinyl, I don’t know if it’s still valid as it’s a few years old but if someone fancies trying it, hit me up :slight_smile:

I have found some old codes - not sure if they still work but feel free to PM if you want to give them a try

Cure - Entreat
Public service broadcasting - every valley
Public service broadcasting - inform educate
Public service broadcasting - live at Brixton
Ride - weather diaries
Twilight Sad - fourteen autumns
Fews - into red

Can I have inform educate by psb please? Ta.

Would love the Cure one, didn’t even know of its existence until it was mentioned in the listening club recently!

Ooh, ooh! Could I have the Twilight Sad one please?

Just sent you message with info

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Sure - just sent you the info

Yep - just sent you info

Would take this one if it’s still available :+1: