Unused download codes - share the love

yeah, makes sense i suppose. i still have a CD drive but i imagine when this laptop dies and i get a new one i’ll struggle to find one with one (i’ll probably just buy an external one though).

i’m trying to remember the name of the really snooty guy who used to post on the music boards years ago who i’m still not entirely sure wasn’t a parody, but i remember him insisting years ago that CDs should come with download codes for the benefit of Chromebook users like him. i laughed at him then but look at us now!

brightonb :-1:

Think it was actually for his iPad. He quit after it was uncovered that he’d ripped off a bunch of people on Discogs:


Came back under a different name and then got perma-banned for racism…

that’s him! i completely forgot about the Discogs scandal!

i don’t remember the new name or the racism thing at all though, i must have missed that somehow

Lucky escape - he was a prick. He was also the very first person I ever interacted with on the old boards which is why I remember him so clearly.

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the album is Blackout Summer by Dusted btw - Brian from Holy Fuck’s indie rock side project. if anyone wants the code, hit me up.

Is this still available?

It is! Will PM you shortly

Excellent, cheers and thanks.

I have a code for new Lana Del Rey if anybody wants it.

I’ll take it if it’s still available?

PM’d you.

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Not what I was really expecting from one of Holy Fuck (although indie rock side project is a pretty accurate decision in fairness), really enjoying this though.

Been listening to a fair bit of Chad VanGaalen in the last couple of weeks in the run up to the new album and this has some similar vibes.

i’d heard one or two of his solo acoustic albums years ago so Dusted wasn’t too much of a departure from that, although it’s better. there’s a debut Dusted album from back in 2012 as well which i remember coming out, Blackout Summer completely passed me by until last year when Polyvinyl reduced all their bandcamp prices and I had a look through what they had.

i like that you can hear little hints of Holy Fuck now and then in drum machine intros, and the vocals are still a bit muffled at times, but otherwise pretty different

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Is this still available please?

Will pm you just now

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I have Emma Ruth Rundle - Marked For Death and Emma Ruth Rundle / Thou - May Our Chambers Be Full if anyone wants them?

I’d like the Marked For Death please if still available?

Ill take the other one if its going?

Did anyone take this? If not I would like to hear it, heard that it’s split the optimo fans a bit.

Sorry, that was taken, not sure if it’s been uploaded to stream by anyone.