Unused download codes - share the love

Can I have inform educate by psb please? Ta.

Would love the Cure one, didn’t even know of its existence until it was mentioned in the listening club recently!

Ooh, ooh! Could I have the Twilight Sad one please?

Just sent you message with info

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Sure - just sent you the info

Yep - just sent you info

Would take this one if it’s still available :+1:

Will DM you now

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I also have Happy Mondays pills 'n thrills if anyone wants the code

MONO - Under The Pipal Tree

Yes please (if that’s okay).

Sure, do you want to DM me as I can’t message you as your profile is hidden?

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Richard Dawson : Peasant

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Yes please!

Will send over this evening!

Found a load hanging around - doubt any of them of interest (posted some before) but just in case:

Tom Waits - Alice
Soundgarden - Superunknown
US Girls - Heavy Light
Drive-by truckers - the Unravelling
Shabazz Palaces - Quazaraz: Born on a Gangster Star

Id like to take the Shabazz Palace one please?

sure - will dm you

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Thank you

PJ Harvey: Dry (demo versions)