Unused download codes - share the love

I tried clicking on your profile but it says your profile is hidden so there is no message icon.

I’ll DM you.

The Twilight Sad - Killed My Parents and Hit The Road

This one still going? for some reason this passed me by despite being a fan - so would be good to give it a spin

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Sure is. Just messaged you.

Teeth of the Sea - Hive

Banging new album, bought the vinyl on Bandcamp so already have the digital version, got sent another download code with it.

I can’t afford the CD (or any new music for that matter) so digital would be cracking!

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Messaged you

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Thank you!

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Black Dog by Gazelle Twin. An excellent album :+1:

The new David Holmes album

Yes please if still available :+1:

Is it me or are codes becoming less common? Can not remember last vinyl that had one


Yeah don’t see them much now. Big scary monsters have stopped doing them, you just get a URL in the record sleeve to download the mp3s. Can’t remember the last new lp I had that had the download code included, bit annoying actually.

Adding new King Creosote - I DES (with the 30 min drone bonus track) to the list below

Everyone is Making It Up, by Semispecific Ensemble on Optimo Music. Can’t really describe it well (some mix of jazz, ambient, dance, no-wave, other stuff), you’d be as well just checking out the Bandcamp link to see if it interests you.

Edit: gone now

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Very rare now. I understand the redemption rate was always low so I get why, but it’s still frustrating.

Basically only buy full price records via bandcamp now to make sure I get them.

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Animal Collective - Isn’t It Now? Code available if anyone wants it

Yes please if it’s still available.