Unused download codes - share the love

The vinyl is a single disc (think I got it as a record store day release) so is missing the live performance as well as the C sides. No idea if the d/l card will include the extras (I’m guessing not). I have them already anyway as I’ve also got the CD.

Let us know if you are lucky enough to get them @Murder - that ULU show has some great Falco bantz - “Bet you are the funniest person in your halls of residence” is one of my all time favourite heckler put downs.

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I have a feeling it’s all on Spotify anyway, TBH.

Mastodon - Leviathan

Because I treated myself to this today -


God damn thats a cool looking LP.

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Is that still available? The vinyl I mean

I bought it the old fashioned way, in a shop rather than online :wink: but a quick google shows they are selling a similar version in the Relapse shop. There are some on ebay as well by the looks of things.

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Wow, interesting how each pressing is different. 20 bucks is pretty cheap too

The main reason I picked it up was because it was £16.99 which these days is pretty cheap for vinyl. Sound quality is great too, no pops or crackles, nice pressing.


My record player is a 50 piece of crap about 15 years old going into a stereo that cost ~300ish 20 years back so sound quality isn’t that big a deal I guess :wink:

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Ha, fair enough! I’ve got a pretty good set up and there have been times when I’ve paid a fair bit for vinyl that has sounded like it’s been covered in gravel!


I found a load of download codes in a box I hadn’t checked a while when moving. I don’t think I have used any of these as tend to use Spotify when listening to music not on record, so think these are all still valid! Lemme know if you are interested.

A Mote of Dust - A Mote of Dust II
Kathryn Joseph - From When I Wake the Want is
The Twilight Sad - It Won’t Be Like This All the Time
Aldous Harding - Party
Sonic Youth - Sonic Nurse
Sonic Youth - Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star
Big Thief - UFOF
Aldous Harding - Designer
Japanese Breakfast - Soft Sound from another Planet
Brontide - Artery

Could I have Sonic Nurse please?

I’ll pm you!

Got a download code for Beck’s ‘Colors’ album if anybody wants it?
Bought a new turntable, so might actually start playing my records, so will post the d/l codes as I come across them.

Do you still have any of the others?

Moon and Azure Shadow - Age of Darkness and Frost

Epic, symphonic/atmospheric black metal from last year. Superb album that was just remastered on vinyl. I missed it at the time but fell in love with it a few weeks ago so had to get the tasty vinyl!

Cocteau Twins - Victorialand

Picked up the remastered vinyl the other day, already have it digitally.

I’ll take this if it’s available please

PM’d you…

Could I have this if this is available?