Unused download codes - share the love

PM’d you

PM’d you too

I have a download code for the latest Pet Shop Boys album ‘Hotspot’ if anybody wants it.

Nobody interested in some Moby Dick themed heavy metal then?

Yes please :+1:

Oh yes please.

PM’d you.

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I have a download code for Lana Del Rey’s ‘Lust For Life’ album if anybody wants it.

Gonna add a few codes each time I listen to LPs.
Anyone want:

The Breeders - All Nerve
Broken social scene - let’s try the after
Explosions in the sky - the wilderness
The mountain goats - in league with dragons

i’d love the Mountain Goats one, please

Pm’d you

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Cheers mate

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Could I get broken social scene please?

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No bother


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Amazing, thanks!

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No problem. Better than sitting in an LP jacket unused forever

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If still available, could I have Explosions in the Sky please?

Pm me for it. Couldn’t pm you as your profile is private.

Tonight’s codes:

Sebadoh - bakesale
Cursive - get fixed