Unusual busking

Saw one outside that same centre but was making mouth noises, beatboxing etc. Not great but different

this sounds like a paul auster story

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Saw this guy on the tube a few times, particularly at London Bridge. Only busker I’ve know to play a Chapman stick.

A guy does Billy Joel “Just The Way You Are” quite a lot of an evening on our route home from town. I like it because it’s full of subtle negs I can sing at wasted like “I don’t want clever conversation / You never have to work so hard”.

Other than that, there’s a shouty guy talking about Jesus a lot, much less enjoyable.

Guy in Liverpool looking very typical British flat cap/sheep skin coat doing Weird at My School by the Pixies. Kind of playing it like someone would a kinks or oasis cover. Odd!

Just remembered while we were down in Devon at Christmas/New Year we saw a busker in Exeter outside New Look doing one of the best impressions of the busker from Phone Shop I have ever seen.

There used to be a guy playing metal songs on Grafton St in Dublin. People were not into it but he was there every weekend, rocking the fuck out. The hero.

There’s was a guy in Nottingham that used to play acid house. I miss him.

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There is / was an old guy who set up in the underpass beneath the A27, between Sussex University and Falmer Station, with a big electric keyboard and a huge number of hand-made signs, which were updated to be vaguely topical.

Passed him many many times on the way to the bus or train, but never really figured out what his deal was. He was often there well after most students had gone home, including in winter. Didn’t seem too fussed about money or reactions. Just living his own weird vibe I guess, good for him.