Unusual hobbies



There’s probably no one here with an unusual hobby that we haven’t already heard about but do you know anyone that has a weird one? There was a guy on the radio the other day talking about his hobby, he’d built a flight simulator in his house and would fly flights, not long haul though because that would be boring. I think they make it as real as possible, using real data and there are even people who pretend to be air traffic control and guide them around because that’s their hobby!

I enjoyed hearing about this and wanted to hear about more weirdy beady hobbies which is why I started this thread.


I guess it’s not that unusual but my friend is a bus enthusiast, doesn’t really fit with his crustcore persona, he has his own conductors uniform


I collect spores molds and fungus


someone I know goes around collecting shit off the banks of the thames. Its basically hoarding, but its okay because they post about it on instagram.


Can’t think of any, sorry.


He must be a regular at Cobham Bus Museum.


Has he got a crust band patch on the back and lets people off their imaginary fares?


I talk to strangers about umbrella stands on an indie music website’s forum


Maybe when he lived down south, interesting side note to beeve enthusiasts, he is the friend that brumsa repeatedly called me a liar for claiming to know


There was a guy at my work who was into Trains - not that unusual…

But he was specifically interested in Trains and carriages being transported around on the back of lorries. He had pictures of it in his desk/ cubicle thing


^came here to say this


You missed out that once he’d built his flight simulator he realised his hobby was building flight simulators, not using them, so now he doesn’t use it.


is there anything about the airline industry you haven’t got covered?


I saw a documentary once that featured a guy who liked to collect dead bees. I’ve never seen a happier man. He would sit and take his time organising them by height. It was nice.


I knew a guy who did something similar re flight simulator he’d go home and have a nice relaxing flight from London to Paris, having played Euro Truck Simulator…I can kind of see it.


Euro truck simulator :smiley:

Is there a eurostar simulator?




wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of the routes included on here


Truck simulator sort of had a strategy element in that you upgraded your truck, hired new drivers and set up garages. I spent most of my time driving around mainland Europe paying back a business loan I took out. #slavetothewage


wonderful, although now we’ve seen the tunnel bit, we don’t need to get it.


sounds like the best form of escapism