Unusual or rarely seen foods you would recommend


I ate fondue for the first time last night and enjoyed it thoroughly despite burning my mouth on molten cheese.



On a similar theme raclette and tartiflette. Mmmm :cheese:


Riesen - The Chocolate Chew


Riesens are top quality and I heartily endorse them and this post.


You’re a good boy


Can I recommend haggis?


That’s not strictly true but my tail is wagging nonetheless.


are you a meat eater m9? if so i wanna recommend something but if not i don’t want a ‘sounds terrible m11’ response


Yes, you may.


I do not but I won’t call you a murderer or anything (in public)



i was gonna say that

a) you are right that fondue is the shit

b) as someone else has said, raclette is super awesome. behold this cheese lamp:

c) for meat eaters, i heavily recommend an oil fondue with tiny pieces of steak <3


Can you explain why you need a well lit cheese?


the thought of deep frying steak bites has always seemed a bit weird to me – it’s actually good?


imagine a kebabshop heater but for CHEESE


but it’s like… you can dip the steak in and have it as ‘done’ as you like, in seconds <3


It allows you to slice off big strips of melting cheese into your gob. It’s amazing. I once went to a raclette restaurant on a ski holiday and have never got the smell of cheese out of my jacket.


it sounds like i would definitely burn myself


I really like the idea of going on a skiing holiday and never leaving the lodge tbh.


“how was the alps”

“i ate a wheel of cheese and didn’t leave the hot tub except to defecate”


Not gonna lie, the gluhwein on the side of a mountain / apres ski / all the cheese is waaay better than actually skiing / snowboarding.