Unusual things that happened at school

Any activities or events that were a break from the norm and you remember fondly?

In primary school we had a tea tasting day. Remember all these poor working class kids writing notes on the teas and sampling lapsang souchong and laughing about it tasting like sausages and how silly rich peiple must be (who obviously sit in their palaces drinking sausage tea all day). A very pure day that I relived everytime I opened the jar of lapsang in the tea house I worked in years later.

One day we had a book binder come in when we were in year 1 and we got to make our own book with a hard spine and sewn in pages. Probably the best thing I’ve ever done tbh.

In secondary, Tottenham Hotspurs came to play on our football pitch one lunch time on their way to Old Trafford. All the girls wanted to speak to David Ginola because this was the same time he was on the Heads and Shoulders ads.


For some reason, Toadfish of Neighbours fame (this was late 80s/early 90s) came to our school to do a personal appearance. I can’t remember why, if he was promoting something, or indeed why he picked a comprehensive in Scunthorpe to do it, but he was there, and it caused quite a scene…as it would.


We had a Christian rock band come in to play songs and do a workshop in secondary school. One of their bright ideas amongst a group of year 9s was to name different ethnicities/nationalities and get kids to shout out a name for them, and the whole group of kids at the workshop would either move to the front of the room if they thought the name was offensive or to the back if they didn’t. This was abandoned after the first go

We also had Chris Kamara come in to our primary school, but not for sports. Dunno why he was there


Good grief. This is next level stuff. A neighbours star at school! The hysteria!


There was this one chaotic kid called Phil in my class on year 5, one day I was out of the classroom during a lesson and saw him stuffing himself into a locker (they were the small cubby ones not even the long ones) and he went like :shushing_face: and there was a teacher calling out for him, it was very funny. Once another boy came in the class randomly shouting “philly philly philly’s mum’s got a big willy” and you better believe Phil tore out of that classroom, but I didn’t get to see what happened after. Fond memories of woods and school - in year 1 we went on a nature walk and i remember finding a planty needle and showing my teacher saying it looks like a real needle and pretending to sew my white shirt with it. In year 7 we got to go orienteering in the woods and I LOVED it, the first club I joined at university was the orienteering club and tbh it was going well until I stacked it in the mud one day and fell on the group leader, I never went back :sob:


Janus Stark played our assembly. Still incredibly unsure why.


Also in year 7 Warner brothers came to scout foe Harry Potter and the teacher told us all to sit up straight and the casting person just looked around and left, nobody from our class was chosen lol (but the joke was on them, in year 7 I was a big literary snob and thought the hp books were bad, but then got into them in year 9 so the joke was on me tbh)




My English teachers brother was a regular detective on The Bill and once he came int to school dressed like neo from the Matrix.

He wasn’t there for any particular reason though as far as I remember. (I was in 6th form so not exactly a clueless kid). He literally just wandered around a bit, popping his head into classrooms and stuff. Felt like a dream.


We all got evacuated one day because there was a bomb in the next street. The little robot came by and did a controlled explosion on it. Mad how no one freaked out about it in the slightest. It was one of those things you heard about in the news all the time back then.

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In around 1995 (during the height (?) of the mad cow disease crisis) we were in year 7 at school. One week we had a week long visit from loads of French exchange students. An older lad in year 9 came around every form class in the morning and taught everyone to chant “mangez boeuf Anglais” at every French kid we saw.



We had this! An unexploded WW2 bomb was found in the area behind our school so we got two days off as the area was evacuated while they dealt with it. Great stuff.

A less good thing was that my school was spread across several buildings in a residential area so to get to the science block you had to leave school grounds and walk about 3-5mins down the road. Some kids walking on their own got mugged a couple times by random bigger kids. Wouldn’t happen these days.

The top level of the building used for years 7 & 8 was like condemned or something, but only a rope blocked it off so one evening when we’d stayed behind to help with parents evening or something, my friend and I snuck up there and explored. Because the building had been a halls for a local uni, there were lots of little rooms with old bits of furniture and stuff just hanging around and random little left over personal objects. I remember it being super creepy and being afraid that it really was structurally unsafe so we ran back down quite quickly.


Once had a police officer come in to our class to talk about drugs. They brought loads of ‘drugs’ with them in little plastic tubs, and handed them out to the class, telling us that we should have a chat in our groups about what we thought the drug was, and what it would do to us.

We were told not to open them but of course everyone ignored that and opened them anyway and started nibbling at them, fortunately the stuff they’d used - Oxo cubes for hash, tic tacs for ecstasy, etc. - was harmless, but once we were all asked to discuss what drugs we had and how they’d make us feel, all the replies were just, ‘nothing, it’s gravy’. Effective!


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The fact I can’t remember why he was there only adds to the mystique. It was a huge deal and I can remember clearly the hysteria as he got out the car.

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“It’s gravy” is the highest praise a friend of mine can give something. (Well, “it’s all gravy” but the point stands, I think.)

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. The “GoGos are Gone Gone!” Assembly after kids were getting too violent over them

. When Pasta Stevens came to talk about God and I didn’t understand why he was named after food

. Mr Sturgess who everybody liked said he was leaving as deputy head and then left the hall with a sad face stating “anyway let me get the new head teacher” and walked back in the room, causing massive cheers.

. When we were banned from going outside for a day because some kids had mutilated a bunch of frogs and left their corpses all over the playground.

. The short lived but intense craze of everybody playing “Tea Shop” on the computer and competing for a high score. Had the top scores printed out and stuck up on the classroom wall for some reason.


This reminds me of the time I went to school I my dad’s leather coat during secondary school and thought I looked really cool until all the “alright neo” comments came in :sob:

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Princess Anne came to our school and they installed a new toilet for her


At middle school, one evening a lorry full of tunes cough sweets crashed in a village nearby and loads of the kids looted it(??)

The next couple of days the school was awash with this bounty, including a kid bringing in a wheelbarrow full of them and we had to have assemblies warning us not to overdose on tunes.

Just seemed like something I invented in a fever dream but two of my friends at the time remember it as well