Unusual / weird / interesting / exciting places you have been to the toilet

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Golf hole
Four pinter of milk

Gare du Nord

harewood house

In a friend’s cupboard, whilst sleepwalking.

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They really are committed to making visits to the toilet as sexy as possible

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Toilets in the shard are genuinely amazing, the urinals are directly in front of a window so you look out over London while you piss

Terrible place aside from that obviously

I have pissed up a tree in a tropical rainforest

Did you see my update on the kitchen roll? It was shit. Might pick up some bog roll though as you never know.

Yeah, I saw that. If I’m ever going to get that gift box of the bog roll I’ll wait until I’ve moved to a new place or had the bathroom done, invite everyone round.

Been to a couple of good ones in Oz…

Loos With A View in Melbourne:


Rattl n Hum Bar in Cairns. The wall of the urinal is one way glass so you have a view straight into hundreds of folk sitting in the beer garden. Well, they told me it was one way glass :neutral_face:



I went for a wee wee in Weeley once.

After being constipated for a week, we trekked 3 hours up the stairs at 2am to finally need a poo at the top.

In a squat toilet.


I’ve pissed in that toilet in cairns :+1:

A restaurant in Tokyo had its menu framed in the toilet.

This one at the UFO Bridge in Bratislava.

In the middle of a tea plantation very like this one (can’t find the exact one, but it was within a mile or so of this one)

High five my man :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

[Please note: I didn’t wash my hands after…]

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