Unusual / weird / interesting / exciting places you have been to the toilet


Completely accidentally!

I was very drunk one NYE and ducked down what I thought was a side street to take a piss. turns out it wasn’t a side street and I was on the grounds of a church in my home town. I started to take a piss but realised i had to puke as well. I started getting sick and only noticed that I was doing all of this on a grave when a police officer shone a torch at me.

I only got away with it as my then-GF managed to haul me away and placated the police officer. Still very lucky I didn’t wake up in a cell that morning.

Down a lift shaft of a half-built apartment building. Not one of my prouder moments

When I was a kid we hated the people who played golf. It meant a 15 minute detour walking around the golf course and if we went across it the cunts would deliberately aim golf balls at us. So at night time we’d go in and shit in the holes.

Half way up Mt Kilimanjaro, in a long drop with the best view of any toilet I’ve visited.

Not one of the finest for the lift engineer at the bottom either!

Cambridge folks may recognise this ‘famous’ tree.


Few weeks after the…event…they took a sample of the soil and sent it to space alongside some other ‘culturally significant’ things.



Happy New Year!

I only asked because I am aware of certain people who would do this given half a chance… ifyaknowwaddamean…

I was having a discussion about this tree only last week!

That’s quite a public place to piss…



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These things matter not to a drunken 19-year old.

I was exploring a derelict cement works one time and really had to go for a number two. I found an old bucket in a cupboard and let loose. Nearest thing to wipe with was some faded gas inspection report from 1988 or thereabouts. Didn’t know what to do with the bucket afterwards so I placed it back in the cupboard. Still sometimes think about that bucket full of my shit somewhere in a disused cement plant in the Midlands.


somewhere around here (chott el djerid salt lake, tunisia). it was in an actual toilet next to a lone shop, not in the open in full view of the tour bus. the toilet looked like it had never been cleaned and had no toilet paper or seat even

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these are mine:

we’ve all pissed in a bucket, pal

Top of the Eiffel Tower

I didn’t piss off the Eiffel Tower, I used the toilets that are in the Eiffel Tower

Shit view from the Shard


I pissed off the top of Monument once

Members loo at the MCG


I used to put on gigs. The toilets were to the left of the stage as you face it. The door to the backstage area was to the right of the stage. The Black Lips were playing.

The venue manager has told the security to go over the legal capacity and to use their judgement as to when to stop people paying to get in. Manager figures more people means more sales at the bar, I guess.

Once all those people were crushed in there I couldn’t get to the other side of the room quickly enough. So I used my key to the downstairs area underneath the stage where I pissed in a very large wellington boot, one of a pair, that was in amongst all kinds of other crap that had been dumped in the room and forgotten about.

I haven’t put on gigs for a while now and haven’t put on a gig at that particular venue for a lot longer. But pissing in a bucket reminded me of it and I now feel kind of guilty for whoever found that wellington boot and had to empty it. Although for all I know, and this is very possible, it’s still there nine years later untouched.

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