Unusual / weird / interesting / exciting places you have done sexual activity


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Isle of Wight


Back of a night bus.
The south bank at 5 in the morning




the book shop I used to work in - after the pub so late at night (I had a key and it was next to the bus stop we were waiting at)

Didn’t reckon on the weekly delivery arriving - which I always assumed happened early in the morning rather than late at night.

Was a bit embarrassing but luckily the filth was over when the door opened unexpectedly


Kingley Vale


That car park.


Lovely apples round there, or at least that’s what I’m led to believe.


Gare du Nord




:joy:Lovely stuff


Only five miles from one of the biggest cider producers in Europe!


York Minster grounds


Round the corner of a large room in which an all-nighter Countdown tournament was occurring


Pervo you really are my hero


My friend nearly caught us but luckily I heard him coming so when he walked in, we were just hugging (and grinning maniacally). Friend sensibly left us to it.

Sadly this whole incident (which was with my bad ex) really led me on and he made me think we would get back together off the back of it :frowning:




obviously the best sex face