Unwanted facial hair

Now I’m in my mid thirties I’ve got mad ear hair popping up fucking everywhere. One day I’ll look and nothing, the next day there’s a huge 2cm long, thick, black, curly hair growing off the top of my ear. It’s growing in the earhole, on the outside of the little bony, flappy bit at the front and pretty much anywhere it pleases on the outer ridge. I’ve plucked it, used one of those electric nasal trimmer things, burnt it off like a turkish barber and it just seems to make it come back stronger and more aggressive.

What are DIS’s preferred methods for getting rid of these wee bastards? Or do you just leave them? For the women, what about moustaches and those weird little chin hairs, that whole aspect of women’s grooming is a mystery to me.

I also have very hairy cheeks and my eyebrows are gradually sprouting out wider and lower down my face… pretty soon those hairy cheeks are going to meet the eyebrows and then what?!

I have a bad habit especially when I’m anxious or wound up of pulling out my hair e.g. beard or nose hair

It’s quite satisfying tbf


Sorry if I offended. It honestly wasn’t my intention. I was just trying to be light-hearted but it obviously hasn’t come across that way.