Unwanted gifts

As is traditional for me after any gift receiving event, I currently feel like the worst human being alive because I don’t like/want anything I received.

Please console me with tales of ridiculously crap or unsuitable presents you’ve received.

I don’t get presents :frowning:


We should come to some kind of arrangement.

Surely everyone has a ‘gift drawer’ for crap gifts that are only fit for secret santa?

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I don’t like giving presents or receiving them though so it’s fine really.

I once got a microwave tagine thing with recipe book. I don’t own a microwave. Straight in the drawer.


Amongst our friend group we all seem to just exchange bottles of delicious whisky/gin or beer. My auntie only ever gives me prosecco/cava. You can’t go wrong with a bottle of booze. Unless you don’t drink… but even then! You can pass it on!

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Don’t mind giving them. Hate receiving them.

I’m not a great receiver of gifts either. My family are totally cool with it. I’m not great at buying them either. Nobody needs more stuff.

Wor Lass loves giving and receiving gifts. Her family see the giving of a gift as the important thing, rather than the suitability of the gift for the person.


What do you reckon the reasoning behind that one was - off-hand mention of tagine once, or it was going cheap somewhere?

Hi, I have posted my thoughts and experiences on this previously.

Booze is a pretty perfect gift.



I don’t like drinking at home, keith.

Take the bottle to the park then.


Probably a desperate - get something quick! effort.

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I don’t like leaving the house, Unlucky.

nah, what if what you give someone is shit and they make a thread moaning about it? Anxiety inducing!

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Could you regift the booze to me?

I’ll send nothing in return, which is exactly what you wanted in the first place.


I’m actually quite busy this morning ffs