Upcoming Dull Purchases (lists)

Please list in order of priority:

  1. Mop and mop bucket
  2. Tea Towels
  3. PC monitor
  4. Speaker stands
  5. New table cloth
  6. Big curtains

Get a spray mop. Mop buckets are dead pal.

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I’m really skeptical about this. Mops were perfectly fine the way they were, don’t try and improve the humble mop.

Mat for the cat’s bowls
Gorilla Glue
Work trainers

  1. Dishwasher (on order)
  2. Bamboo screening
  3. Bamboo in pots
    4.Lots of clothes

Lead flashing
Chimney pointing
Eaves protectors

Misread this


I was like you too until I tried it. Also I have a tiny house and saving any space at all is good.

I knew that someone would, and I knew it would be you.

Will consider it actually, but if I dislike it your head shall roll

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science mop? good luck with that pal.



Some stuff for the baby probably

Coathanger (multiple)
Pedal patch cable (multiple)
Carpet underlay (singular)

large envelopes

Dull not sexy

I’d never heard of these. How do you clean the dirt off the mop while you’re mopping without a bucket?

low salt butter

Hasn’t been an issue tbh. Microfibre I guess. Then it goes in the washing machine after.

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Maybe you don’t let the floor get as dirty as ours