Upcoming gigs 2018: part 1


Was that in captains rest?! Think I saw them in captains rest


Songkick is always pretty helpful, but not sure how comprehensive it is.


Wrong thread


Considering the molochs later but I’m absolutely beat. Gonna see how o feel after some food


I think I’m pretty firmly in the patch if camp, I’ve got no energy at the moment and probably shouldn’t spend any more cash money

Will probably regret it in about an hour when I’m bored of my own company


I went to the gig, so fuckjng glad I did, they were excellent :+1:


The search facilities on Wegottickets and Ticketweb are decent - very easy to use and bring up plenty. Seetickets’ search is absolute garbage, unless it just disagrees with Chrome and Firefox, but has plenty if you can make it work. It doesn’t like applying multiple filters at once, in my experience, although it might be operator error… If you get a regionalised version of the Guardian Guide on Saturday, there’s usually something in that.
EDIT: as mentioned above, Songkick is good as well. Also allows you to search by venue.


For Scottish gigs, I use a combination of See Tickets and Tickets Scotland. See Tickets is particularly good when you use the “recently added” tab as it tells you about brand new shows which have just gone up.



Drab Majesty - Green Door Store
Fur - The Haunt
All We Are - Prince Albert
Boy Pablo - Green Door Store
Girl Ray - The Haunt
Swimming Tapes - Green Door Store
Yellow Days - The Haunt
Pinkshinyultrablast - Sticky Mike’s


Men I Trust - Electrowerkz
Dream Wife - Heaven
US Girls - Scala

Where I work we have Deerhunter, Hinds, Sunflower Bean and Little Comets so I’ll see them either on shift or ask for the night off.