Upcoming Gigs 2019


Trail of Dead added a Newcastle show to the Madonna tour. Dunno if I want to spend £22 on it though? Might be a bit sad. Might be raging.


Just worried about them playing older stuff? Of all the bands doing those sort of tours, Trail of Dead are still making pretty relevant and good music so I’d take that as a good sign!

Though tbf I bailed on seeing The Replacements at Prima last time I was there for the same reason.


Not sure I’ve actually listened to anything they’ve done since Century of Self (maybe) - just generally a bit suspicious about these types of tours.

Although saying that, as I need to refresh my Spotify playlists this weekend - what’s your favourite they’ve done since CoS?

(Also the Replacements at Primavera were great!!)


Tao of the Dead for sure - didn’t bother with the huge 20 min song but I really liked the rest and thought it flowed together perfectly. Quite acoustic or mellow in parts though, so Lost Songs was good too and better for the riffier edges of their sound


I’ve heard they’re hit or miss nowadays.


hadn’t realised it was them scoring that until i saw this post the other day. got a ticket now!


Aye think it’s passed loads of people by as you have to click into the thing to see them even mentioned and the pic on the site is of Buster Keaton.
Should be pretty great, been listening to them a fair bit since before this was announced. Always like bands soundtracking films too :grinning:


£35 for GBV tickets ooft


Fuck, all sold out by 10am instantly :cry:


I’d stick at it. You usually find a few more appear after the basket reservations time out.


Extra date added for Thurs 6th - tickets available below;


Edit: Ah just seen this mentioned in the new album thread…


Feb - Low (Barbican), Tears for Fears (O2)
Apr - Ryley Walker (Holy Trinity Church, Guildford)
May - Mineral (The Dome)
June - Glastonbury

Hoping for MBV at some stage