Upcoming Gigs (rolling)

Did a very nice mixed solo set in Belfast this year, played something from most of the albums

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Yeah, had a ticket for the cancelled Dalt gig whenever that was and would rather, but it may come down to location myself being a bus southwards of e&c makes that much more appealing on a school night.

If it was a Lucy and Aaron set then there would be no debate though.

I’m seeing him solo play in a tunnel just before Christmas. Looking forward to it although I don’t really know much of his music.


This is the tunnel

No idea how it’s going to work but I’m excited!


Yeah unlike my normal pre listening habits, I think I might just hold off and let the performance be the first time I properly (hopefully!) get into him

I would like to see him in a tunnel. Where is the tunnel?

Here in Newcastle (upon Tyne) - it was built to move coal from a village that was outside the city to the riverside, then it was used as an air raid shelter during the war. It’s owned by a charitable trust these days and they have a regular programme of live music there to help pay for it. I’m also seeing a band called Bitchfinder General there next month :smiley:


That looks fantastic. Even more so if it was doing acoustic stuff. I do miss seeing him like that.

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Hope it’s not filled to capacity / you’re at the back of the room!

50 tickets apparently. I think it’s all seated though.

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Just booked Underworld at Alexandra Palace. Last time out was one of my all timers so expectation is sky high.


ending the year strong, will take me to my busiest gig year on record

Bug Club - Edinburgh, Nov
Wednesday - Glasgow, Nov
Squirrel Flower (maybe) - Edinburgh, Nov
Black Belt Eagle Scout - Edinburgh, Nov
This is the Kit - Edinburgh, Nov
CMAT (maybe) - Glasgow, Nov
Arab Strap duo - Edinburgh, Dec
Richard Dawson - Newcastle, Dec

would like to get to the sold out King Creosote show at the weekend also, but not too hopeful. Luckily he’s playing Glasgow in Jan so that’s a good backup


Loads coming up for the Belfast indie crowd @Icarus-Smicarus @thesewoodenideas in 24. Bug Club, Brigid Mae Power, Snapped Ankles, Jane Weaver and the one I’m most excited about, Mary Lattimore

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Got tickets for these

Will more than likely get tickets for these

Not sure about this, think I have a ticket for Sam Campbell that night, but saw them a year ago and they were fun. Maybe I’ll call round if Sam is finished early.

Where’s Sam on?

Black Box, he’s doing 2 dates but think they’re both sold out

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I like Brigid solo but kinda hope she brings the full band for this one, and ideally a Tandem Felix support set

Thanks. Had no idea she was touring. Will give the new album another spin and will decide whether or not to book a ticket for next year’s Scala show.

made or making it to 4 of these, not bad tbh. Already lined up for 2024:

John Francis Flynn - Edinburgh, Jan
The Go! Team - London, Feb
Gilla Band - Edinburgh, March
Hold Steady - London, March
Willy Mason - Edinburgh, May (what year is this etc.)

fingers crossed for Slowdive and Jeff Rosenstock resales, aiming for the Say She She and Pom Poko tours


Got three gigs to see out the year - the Rocket Recordings evening in London this weekend (Flower Must Die etc), Holiday Ghosts in Oxford next week. And Wave Pictures doing their annual Xmas thing at the Lexington just before Xmas.

Got Rockaway Beach festival first weekend of the new year and a few other festivals booked already for next summer. Other than than 2024 gig booking are thin on the ground. Just O. at Omeara. And grabbed front row seats for the recently announced Nils Frahm matinee at the Barbican having missed out on all the (quickly sold out) evening shows. (Finally my Barbican membership delivers something useful).