Upcoming (housework and administrative) missions

Gonna work my way through all the crap in my freezer and cupboards this month.

I might keep you all updated on what meals that entails.


Currently attempting to pair all the odd socks in my drawers. Although this is a very a trite observation, it is completely mad that I will end up with loads of odd socks at the end of this excercise. It’s only 6 months since I did this last and had to throw out a bunch that I couldn’t pair. What is happening?

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Mine hide in the corners of duvet covers


Just got to sell a house buy a house and be baby ready in the next 7 months.

Crying seems preferable at the moment.


Got three little ones to box off by the end of the day

  1. Batch cook black bean soup for lunch
  2. Veg prep ratatouille for dinner this week
  3. Change bedding and rotate mattress

Clocking off in half an hour or so to get a good bit done before it impinges on my evening too much

Stretching Amazon Studios GIF by Harlem

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That soup sounds amazing

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I got some magic tube that claims to fix minging silicone sealant without having to replace it all. Going to do the shower this weekend when I’ve got the house to myself for a couple of days, so I can’t pretend I didn’t spend my money on magic beans if it does fuck all.


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Link please.


Can’t find the order now. I tried searching my emails for “silicone” but I don’t think those were the kind of results you’re looking for.

This stuff


removals company are arriving today to take all my shit then it’s a RACE AGAINST TIME to get to my new house before they do. then a lot of unpacking of my bags and possibly also my emotions.

nobody warned me moving house was long, expensive and stressful.

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Get the windows refurbished so they open properly and we don’t end melting in the actual summer.

We got one quote about seven months ago. Didn’t seem pressing then. Does now.

Bought a new light for my office months ago but it needs the fitting changing. Still sat in a box atm, should get someone round to sort it

I have so many of these. Big ones are:

  • getting someone to fix the upstairs windows
  • sort the lawn out in the garden (it’s really patchy)
  • figure out when we can afford to get a new dishwasher
  • wash and oil the decking
  • figure out a plan for resurfacing our deck

The ceiling in the bathroom is leaking and has a big crack in it. I might just sand it down and paint over it, and pretend that everything’s OK

Cleaned the oven on BH Monday. Wish I’d done before and after pics. A right pain of a job, but delivers high satisfaction levels. Had been on my to-do list for ages.

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So much.

Big one is to ‘sort the kitchen’ - basically we have a fucking massive kitchen but fuck all worktop space to work with, and a lack of cupboards. This isn’t really a problem cos we have a utility room as well but when we moved in here we just shoved stuff anywhere and it turns out those places weren’t ideal, and at the weekend we acquired an air fryer so now that needs a home. Plus the small child is obsessed with getting snacks from her drawer so we need to move those.

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  • Fit new front door knocker
  • Fix leak in skylight
  • Get stair runner carpeting
  • Hire someone to remove two tree stumps

Check back this time next year to see just how many of those have been even vaguely progressed!!!

really need to get the shower fixed, cba with having baths all the time and the dogs need washing and fuck doing that without a shower. also need to sort the damp out in my upstairs upstairs room, cba

Please tell us if this works