Upcoming music documentary hype thread

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Wonderful. Thanks for highlighting this.

Presume you know this album from a few years back.


Anyone excited forbout the upcoming Alanis Morissette one?

  • Me!
  • Not me.

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The Alanis Morissette documentary is the second entry in the Music Box series which is an attempt at recreating the ESPN 30 for 30 series but for music. The first in the series was Woodstock 99 and I was less than impressed.

I’ll be watching the Alanis one as I’m still curious enough to work through the entire series, the recent attention it’s getting isn’t going to put me off checking it out.

Other upcoming artists to be covered include DMX and Kenny G.

I hope she’s not a bad egg because I love her
Unrelated to this thread can we have an Alanis HGATR please @Funkhouser. Oh I see now there was one and typically, she was underrated. Nm.


Don’t know what we expected from these schmucks tbh.

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Isn’t it ironic?