Upcoming pre-Christmas activities in which you are partaking

(Really feels like “partaking” should have to t’s in it doesn’t it)

What have you got planned in the run-up to Christmas?

I have:

  • Awful Norwegian Christmas film from the early 90s that I watch at my old film club every year (last night)
  • Work do with my part time job (Thursday)
  • Christmas lunch with film people (Friday)
  • Extremely Christmassy pre-drinks at mine followed by the best Christmas gig, which happens every year (Friday)
  • Christmas do with said old film club, which will probably last all night (Saturday)
  • Going round my nan’s with 2 cousins for some traditional Norwegian Christmas porridge (Sunday)
  • Having a 3 and 4 year old round to “help” me decorate some Christmas cookies (pepperkaker) (Monday)

And then I’m leaving for my parents’ on Tuesday! So quite a busy schedule ahead tbh.

Hwo bout u hon?

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You’ve got a great run there chief, gonna be feeling festive af halfway into that innit. Done a few bits already including christmas party at some pals, making a christmassy dinner for my folks early december and then heading around the christmas market in my hometown last weekend. Left though:

  • Work christmas lunch this thursday
  • Christmassy wedding this saturday
  • Gonna make shit loads of mulled wine on sunday and watch footers with my father-in-law
  • Christmas drinks with some pals friday next week, last day of work
  • Need to try and sneak in a visit with the missus to see the 4k restoration of A Matter of Life and Death
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A local band called Sunturns which is people from several different Oslo indie bands gone together to form a Christmas SUPERGROUP! One of my absolute favourite Christmas traditions.

(I’ll be wearing my Christmas Elf outfit for this btw)

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  • work canteen Christmas lunch tomorrow D:
  • pre-Christmas drinks with various professional contacts on Thursday (better than it sounds, get lots of salacious gossip out of it)
  • going drinking with a bunch of fucking weirdos on Saturday. Dread levels off the chart.
  • Christmas curry with various pals from work related things next week

Midnight Star Wars tomorra, Dinosaur Jr on Thursday (will likely be incredibly jovial and festive), work xmas do on Friday, my pals’ annual flat xmas party when everybody we know turns up gets mortal drunk and goes off into town afterwards and branches off and loses each other and gets into various states of disrepair and forgets what happens and swears to never go to another of these parties on Saturday. Next week xmas themed pub-quiz and general socialising as people I used to be friends with start dripping back into Manchester from whatever no-account shitholes they’ve moved to (like your Londons and so on).

I’m going to be drinking more frequently than usual if that counts?

  • Star Wars midnight showing tomorrow night (humouring the TV)
  • Getting Christmas tree and deccies and going to the new kitty cafe on Thursday
  • Off for a weekend walking in the Lake District with a bunch of pals and others
  • Extended family meal on the 23rd before heading down south for Christmas

Christmas with my nan on Saturday cause she’s not up for the travel from her care home on Christmas day
DiS drinks also on Saturday
Drinks with my Monday football team after football on Monday
Drinks with my Tuesday football team after football on Tuesday

couldn’t sort a date for my sunday team’s drinks so that will be in the new year instead

Christmas Fenino!
Christmas Jumper Party!
Work Party!
Christmas Eve Eve Secret Santa present thing!

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