Upcoming stand up comedy

Does anyone even go to the laughter theatre anymore in 2019? I know I’ve not seen much in recent years. However that’s all about to change in the next month with not one but two shows:

Zoe Lyons - Saturday 9th February - South Street Arts Centre, Reading

Kiri Pritchard-McLean - Friday 22nd February - Soho Theatre, London

I think we’ve got another show in September or something, but my enthusiasm for this thread is already waning, so I’m just going to post it.

Anyone going or even doing any shows themselves?

dunno but i have 2 tickets for a lunchtime sara pascoe show if anyone wants them cause i bought them as a gift for my friend but she already has tickets to go the same eve with her bf and i have already seen the same tour so was only going to be a good friend and now i’m stuck with 2 tickets

What date? My gf is a big pascoe fan so I might be interested

i’m sure there probs are still tickets available for it


Normally don’t go to watch stand-up comedy but Mrs has got us tickets to see Nish Kumar and I like that guy so we’ll see how that goes. Could see myself enjoying it but then getting bored of just listening to one guy going on by the second half. Also we mentioned it to my dad and it turns out he absolutely loves Nish Kumar so he’s got himself a ticket, just sat on his own somewhere. Nice third wheeling on our date night dad you oddball. Might get pissed in the interval and see if he’ll give us a lift home tho.

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In Barcelona that weekend, sorry

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I go to our local one at the Kings Head, Crouch End sometimes. Thursdays sees a dozen comedians doing short slots. A mix of newcomers and more established acts trying out new material before taking it to bigger venues. Recently we had Andy Hamilton trying out new material. Terrible. Some of the unknowns were way better. It’s always good value though.

good thread
never aware of when there’s good english language standup here but i like to live vicariously. saw wanda sykes (+ keith robinson) 2 weeks back, too many trump jokes but good other than that

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I have tickets for Mawaan Rizwan’s 2018 Edinburgh Fringe show in March, in London.

If Rose Matafeo is supporting at that show you should go along for her! She’s really good!

I think you might have missed that, HAHAHAHA!

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Taking my eldest to see James Acaster in Cardiff in July (this year! HAHAHA!).

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Ooh, i think that’s who we’re seeing in September

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Both Zoe Lyons and especially Kiri Pritchard-McLean were very funny.

Just about to book Sofie Hagen at the Bloomsbury Theatre - Saturday 15th June:

The BUBBLEWRAP/HAPPY FAT TOUR 2019 is a stand-up and book tour combined. I will be doing my 2015 award-winning comedy show Bubblewrap which is a show about body image, mental health and boybands. And then I will do a book reading from and a Q&A for my upcoming book Happy Fat - a book about why it’s fucking okay to be fat.

Oh I saw him this week. Better than I thought it would be.

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I saw Acaster earlier this year and it was amazing, despite him having a bit of a mid-show meltdown, which is not the first time I’ve seen him do that. I struggle to find anyone else who’s even close to his level at the moment from the current crop of ‘new’ comedians - they’re clearly all mates, have each other on their podcasts, all on the same Dave shows etc. but yeah… any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

We saw him in Bristol last year and he was funny, thoigh don’t remember any meltdowns. Looking forward to seeing what he has to say next time. I hope the meltdowns aren’t too hard on him.