Update audit of household responsibilities


If we’re including grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, sorting pets with food/doing their litter and laundry, what percentage of housework are you doing in your household rn?


(see better poll below)

BONUS ANGLE: if it’s not 50%, justify it to us.


Oh this poll is fucking shit hang on

  • 10
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Probably not 50% for me, but I’m in full time employment with an hours drive each way, whereas my other half only works part time, and works at home without a commute, so stuff like the washing can go on while I’m at home.

Childcare doesn’t count as household responsibilities, and by the time I’m home and have done Jimbo’s bedtime (which therefore doesn’t count), it’s gone 8pm usually.

I’ll do washing up when needed, I change the bins and do the recycling, I feed the cat in the morning, I do any ironing when needed, I do bits of cooking sometimes but there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to do much more than that.


My commute is normally non-existent vs. 2 hours a day for the TV. Makes sense that I do more of the housework really.


I live alone so its 100%

should I vote or will that ruin your poll?


I think it’s closer to 70% myself. My wife disagrees. So I’ll say 60% as a compromise.




yeah i was specific in not including childcare


I’ve voted 90 cos I sometimes make the kids do a bit - but it’s more like 98% to be honest. Could you make a new more exact poll please?


I’ve put 80% because I do everything except laundry (and even then I usually end up hanging half of it and putting my stuff away), but someone on here posted a good cartoon recently about emotional labour and the kind of behind the scenes organisation that typically falls to women in the home, and that is definitely true of Mrs HYG, so in all honestly it’s probably more like 50-50.


none of that liberal snowflake wishy washy obama bullshit in here hyg.


Pretty hard for me to claim that it’s 50:50, because she gets annoyed by the state of things before I do so tends to do them first. This isn’t an excuse! I try to be more proactive, but don’t always manage.

I do more of the occasional miscellaneous household tasks, but not enough to make up the balance, I think.


The Eppy doth protest


I mean it in a “mea culpa” way really.


a lot of the stuff I do is not recognised by her as household responsibilities so I am abstaining.


what do you do that ISN’T recognised?

Christ how hard is it to get beeves going in this thread?

@meowington help


watching the bread machine for 2 hours doesn’t really count, mate.


bread machine??? I AM THE BREAD MACHINE.


can “The Bread Machine” be my official tagline please?