Update for eggs coming soon apparently

Some new features been leaked: different coloured yolks, whites stay firmer for longer. USB ports as well but people think that might be fake.


Downloading a demo on Steam atm (only lets you fry it, can’t poach it etc). Will let you know what I think :slight_smile:

Egg beta


So thought this was going to say some eggs not yet cooked and my brain did a nope

Yeah only to like 5cm depth apparently, pointless

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That does sound cute

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Not enough new features for me.

Can’t see myself shelling out for them.


Nah, looks like they’ve cracked it if you ask me.


sometimes I get nostalgic about the old, analogue eggs


Any word on the rumour they’ll wirelessly interact with iBacon?

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Oh yeah they’re 5G ready

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Just had to throw a box of six away, fucking riddled with viruses and spyware


I’ll be queuing outside the egg store at midnight #fanboi

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Bold marker being laid (like an egg!) down here. Let’s see how the breakfast community responds.

Good luck trying to find charging points for them outside the major towns & cities…

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Think I throw away 80% of the eggs I buy. Just forget about them and they go off. Disgraceful as they are so versatile

How? They always have best before dates that are like 2 months away!

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One of life’s mysteries. Literally every time I buy them I’m like “don’t fuck this up this time”

Does the family not love eggs

Go and make everyone a soft boiled egg now and write their name on the shell