Update me: BSS-centric


Even more than Spoon, Broken Social Scene is my fav band. You know what I’m saying: YFIIP is a masterpiece. Nobody could deny that.

I’m up to date with the first/second Kevin Drew solo record that wasn’t so great. (Mexican Aftershow Party is a good song.) But there’s gotta be more. Drew, Canning, Emily Haines, Feist, Charles, the producer dude…what’re the old Social Scene members doing now?

I could google it… but then I’d rather hear it from you. :slight_smile:


Theyre touring no? Though i guess it’s just kevin drew presents kevin drew


The first Kevin Drew album (Spirit If) is amazing.

Metric have done some good albums over the years, and Feist apparently has a new album out soon.


Spirit If is amazing. I think I did a review for this site. Told Mike to give it a 9 or 10, and a 9/10 seems fair in retrospect. It’s why I’m googling those Kevin Drew live dates as Eric4 mentions. Be back soonish.


I’ve got You Forgot It In People and Broken Social Scene and I’ve seen them live and…I don’t know, not really for me, I guess.


Now listening to YFIIP and it’s a lot better than I recall, definitely enjoying it.
I think I bought BSS at the time because of all the noise around the band and didn’t really like it so I bought this one on advice from @bobbygeorge (!). It reminds of a period of popular Indie music I have no term for but I sort of think of it as the Arcade Fire time. The Most Serene Republic are in that group too, although when I listened to Underwater Cinematographer recently I found it failed to excite me at all.


Most Serene Republic! That’s a blast from the past