Upload profile image doesnt work on WP mobile


^ That. It says email address not assigned an avatar (I think reverts to attempt gravatar when upload fails)


What’s WP mobile?


Have upgraded you to level 2 in case it’s some trust level issue.


Windows Phone? Fuck those guys


I still get the error unfortunately. I’m sure I can do it from a desktop, just wanted to keep my IP address associated with this account separate from that address.


Someone (who had a Windows Tablet with him!) I went on a date with seemed shocked I had a Windows Phone. 1% of the market apparently. Is the only one I like the layout of, rows of tiny icons isn’t to my taste.


I jest. I have one for work and it’s fine and I like the UI design, but mainly the lack of any native Google apps would put me off owning one as my main phone.


The selection of apps is not the best. I mostly just use a browser and Instagram, (try to avoid distractions) so it doesn’t bother me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just realised I’m finally part of the 1%! Where are my tax breaks?


Haha windows phone