Upload your best impression

If you want



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(Impression of ruffers)


Sorry about your thread


Im a duck. Yes i am yes

That’s the impression that I get.

Cant believe this thread made the bosstones split. Good job guys

Thanks Shrewbie, maybe if I’d put my heart and soul into it things would’ve been different.

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‘Good game, good game!’

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That’s my impression of Jeremy Paxman

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It was excellent!

Good Wayne’s World one from you there

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“Did you threaten to overrule him?”

That’s my impression of Bruce Forsyth discussing the Strictly scores with Len Goodman.

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‘You don’t have the authority!’

That’e Abz from 5ive

I can do a bloody good impression of Sean Connery going into a Screwfix

Available on my Cameo for £75

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I hope you’re happy @Funkhouser

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