URGENT ADVICE SOUGHT RE BERLIN BARS MATES (other threads don't cover this)

So we are in Berlin but we are struggling to find an area where there’s like a cluster or sustained run of bars on the same Street or neighbourhood. My neurotic pal is getting fussy because he doesn’t like the trekking about between beers and is annoying us with his commentary on how grim some of the city looks. Is there anywhere like that, where a chap can pinball from one place to another without walking for bare yardage? Thanks in advance.



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stereo 33 is meant to be alright?
also that secret-not-secret one that only lets in punks
Oh and 8mm

I’ve not actually been there people just go on about it

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Went there last night did muted horn and some smoking bar. Was alright but struggled to find the “right” part of it. Karl Marx Street yeah?

If you start at Vater Bar you can move in any direction and bar hop pretty much constantly

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Go to Twin Pigs

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