Urgent help needed

You know those yellow foam boxes takeaway/chips come in. How hot an oven can I have to keep them warm??

probably pretty hot.

Probably not a good idea at all! Put it on a plate.


Not very hot, don’t do it

Got it on 60. Feels ok and warmer than the side. Probably used for food hotter than that?

They actually work by reversing the heat energy, so your best bet is to put them in the freezer.


Well, you’ll find out as soon as it starts melting. Good luck!

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If you turn the oven up does it get hotter or colder?


Use a plate, Sideshow jontosh

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Is this to keep chips warm? it’s no use. Chips from the chippie need to be eaten immediately. The pursuit of re-heating or warm-keeping chips is a fool’s errand.


Transfer in to aluminium foil if you can mate, be much more effective in the oven.

Interestingly. We got a new fridge the other day and it doesn’t have a dial to turn it up and down.
I guess, not that interestingly.

Chips seemed to survive. Thanks for the help team.

It was chips from the kebab shop that the missus wanted but she’s been out and wanted me to keep them warm

Should’ve sat on them like a mother hen