Urgent shower related poll


How long is a normal time to shower?

  • Up to five minutes
  • Five to ten minutes
  • Ten to fifteen minutes
  • Fifteen to twenty minutes
  • Over twenty minutes
  • That’s not a normal thing to ask
  • I debate how urgent this really is.

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The tv spends way too long in the shower



Weekday Morning - sub-5 mins
Weekday evening post-exercise - 5-10 mins
Weekend general - 5-10 mins
Weekend post exercise - 10-15 mins


For me it’s up to fifteen minutes, but that’s if I’m washing/conditioning my hair (which is really long) and/or shaving my legs and that. Got a friend who’ll be like “just off for a quick shower!” That’ll last upwards of 35 minutes and she’ll come out all happy. I know what you were up to, love.


We had some friends stay with us a while back, both of them spent upwards of 20 mins in the showers, was ridiculous, walked into the bathroom afterwards and it was like a sauna in the tropics, everything was soaking wet with the steam.


If it’s only a normal morning shower, I’d say 5-10 minutes. If I’m washing my hair and stuff, probably around 20-25 minutes.



Normally 5 - 10 minutes but if it’s sexy sharing hotel shower times then 5 - 10 minutes again.


Since I broke the shower a bit on Friday, I’ve had to get it down to the bare minimum to stop it flooding the bathroom.

Reckon I was done in under two minutes today, and I think I can do better. This may become my new normal.


How did you break the shower @Epimer


How pissed were you?!


went to a campsite where you had to pay 20p for 4mins in the shower. We all went down with about a quids worth of 20p’s each the first time. But quickly realized that 4mins is quite easy to have a shower within and 8mins is too much!


Absolutely no reason to spend more than ten minutes in therr. Isnt like a bath where you can relax


I don’t know. I was using it to rinse the bathtub after cleaning it, and the shower hose kinked (steady) in a weird way and now the water mostly gushes out of where the hose joins the showerhead rather than where it’s meant to.

Hope that was enough detail. Happy to answer any further questions.


Going to take the Fifth on this one.





Would say 5-10 in theory but reckon it’s more like 10-15 in practice


shower curtain goes

  • outside the bath
  • inside the bath

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Once had a shower that with like this in a hotel room I was staying in for work

I actually worked out ways I could get dirty to have the excuse to use it (fell in a puddle, stood next to a dirty puddle so car got me) It was literally my dream shower, even had a little Television in it so I could watch some music videos and bop it reel cleen