"Urgh... This is sooooooooooo BORING"

This thread is for posting stuff that is just soooooooo BORING.

For example. Having to think about what you’ll have for dinner on a fucking Tuesday evening and then you prepare and eat that dinner is soooooooooo BORING.

Also, sometimes you’ll be out and about and you have to cross the road and the red man is there for ages and it’s sooooooooo BORING having to wait for the green man to come instead.

This is a really bad thread, please enjoy it x

Football Manager


Anything to do with money


having 13 working days left at work

having already worked 3 1/2 months of the longest notice period in history

having already essentially mentally clocked out about 18 months ago

Watching an average of three films of varying quality per week at the cinema

That bit between getting your boarding pass checked at the gate and actually boarding the plane where you’re stuck in some featureless staircase or corridor.


The third hour onwards of any motorway journey.

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Urgh, yeah. That bit is sooooooooo BORING

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I just paid a bunch of bills and NNNGGGGH I am now sufficiently bored to be motivated to do more work

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When someone asks you if you watched bake off/strictly/etc and you say sorry, no, I don’t watch that and then they continue to tell you what happened on last night’s episode anyway.


Re-arranging deliveries that have been attempted while you’re out of the house.

Choosing specific times, not getting a “sorry we missed you card” and trawling back through your inbox to find the tracking information, thinking you’ve put the wrong address into the order so having to check that to pacify your anxiety, who will be in when, deciding on a collection location if the service permits that, asking a neighbour to help, typing in your “safe space” or other instructions, having it go wrong and starting over again from the beginning. So dull, so maddening.


I agree with this post, in my opinion, being in a car is soooooooo BORING

(Also, Kermo just asked me to pass on a message to you that she’s got two Alpacas backing her up and they’ll be willing to attack you or something)

Also any Game of Thrones discourse.

I have no idea what this is in reference to.

Nor do I, really

every morning at work I ask my lovely colleague Nick if he watched The Circle last night (or Love Island or whatever is on at at the time) and I know he’ll say no because he hates that shit, and then I will give him a full update on what happened in the episode, sometimes even making up details to amuse myself

I’ll miss Nick


I’m going to mute you now goodbye

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Do you ever call Nick “Nicky”?

Sure I do! But mainly I stick to ‘Nickleback’

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