Urinals are awesome


this guy is wrong, so so so so wrong


Would be up for more cubicles though, nothing very pleasant about urinals is there? Questionable privacy, and quite amazed at how the overwhelming majority of men just engage of a routine of pissing, hocking up a load of gunk, having a spit, then leaving without washing their hands. Stay away from those bar snacks.


That guy is correct and I’m glad to have been a big part of the groundswell movement towards urinal abolition.

Our office building is in the process of having all the toilets refitted and there won’t be a urinal in the building soon (or by the 2022 world cup given their current rate of progress)


Urinals are not cool, having a piss is not a social event, fuck off


Not going to read the article, they’re fine.



theyre pretty sexist, mate


urinals speed up the task of going for a piss when you’re in the pub, that’s their main purpose and they serve it wonderfully

you’re all mad


thats why theyre sexist


u wot m8?


Never used one


Bit of an exaggeration, rarely used one


Urinals take the piss.


i said theyre sexist because they speed up going for a piss and they only exist for men


Author of the article begins by claiming to have danced alone in the corner of a pub for two hours. I did not read on.


Best urinal


Not done too much research in the area, but when I’ve been in the toilet at the same time as a driver at work I’ve not seen one of them leave without washing their hands. Quite surprising as lorry drivers are exactly the sort of person you’d expect not to wash their hands after having a widdle.


Urinals are cool when you’re part of a stream?


if you’re saying something similar should exist for women then sure, let’s get inventing


she-pees are messy. abolish urinals