Urine chart [Audit]

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I drink a phenomenal amount of water at work due to sheer boredom so I’m on the 1/2 border


Planning on urinating in the next few minutes, will report back.

I have a lot of respect for a clear pisser, but I will never be one of you.

@epimer is needed here I reckon

this thread is fucking piss ahaha

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I piss exclusively on the floor

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Thought it said ‘sunset bum’ at first

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I’d imagine that chart probably takes it into account tho?

Why the fuck is their a Dulux sampler chart in this thread

and why does it have the logo of that magic hangover powder

*bum wee powder

I know what I said


FTFY scott_chegg

Totally clear so I can monitor the colour of my wee juice

Do you mean my penis? Sometimes.

When can I hear back from you?

Thought 6 was the normal colour until I was like 19. Rarely go lighter than a 4. Cheers.

Not exclusively. I’ve got a lot to give.

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I take so many B vitamins that my urine is fluorescent green.