Ursula K Le Guin Thread

…for all of your Ursula K Le Guin needs! @anon26275971

She was the best.

Got The Unreal and the Real on the go at the moment between other things. Not sure if I should go for Earthsea or Always Coming Home after.


Keep seeing this nice big hardback earthsea collection in Waterstones but reckon it would be cumbersome to read

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Only read the lathe of heaven and the first earthsea, enjoyed the former but couldnt get on with the latter for its young adultness. Might read the dispossessed after I finally finish game o’ nerds.

This one? I quite like a big cumbersome collected volume personally, but then I only read in bed so there are plenty of easy reading positions for resting it on something.

It is a beauty.


Read The Disposessed. Sack of Game of Nerds, read The Disposessed NOW.

Found Lathe of Heaven the weakest (though it is still awesome). Read some of the shorter Earthsea stuff and really liked it, though indeed a little YA I guess I am ok with that?


I’ll read it next, i promise :smiley:

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Reading the dispossessed now. So far amazed at how she makes a story about a mathematician on a new planet so fascinating and beautiful.

Finished the first Earthsea, and it was very beautiful. Not sure how I’ll feel about having a new cast of characters in the second, Ged was so great


New characters can be good though as you get to explore more aspects of that world!

Like after reading Malafrena I missed Itale going into the rest of the Orsinian tales, but really his story was fulfilled so it was good to get other things from a different cast.

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I also want to urge everyone to read Five Ways to Forgiveness, but think it is its most rewarding read as the finale of all the Hainish stories as it is placed in the collection of them. I think as it has the most direct dealings with Hain itself, which is cool to see after it is built up through pretty passing mentions through the rest of the works.

Oh god I love her so much :heart:


Top marks, that’s one published where I work!

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It is a lovely, lovely thing and I say that just on its aesthetic qualities as I haven’t started it yet. I do love it when I publisher really puts in the details to making a book beautiful :slight_smile:

(also, cool place to work! Kind of wish after doing work experience at a couple of publishers I had put some effort into that area as a career)


about damn time.

I’ve been listening to the audiobooks of earthsea on my bike rides. the tombs of atuan is one of the best books she wrote, love it.

the first earthsea novel is by far the most YA btw - mostly being a coming of age thing obviously, but also I had forgotten how episodic it is, feels like it could have been a periodical.

tombs of atuan is nothing like that, minor setup spoilers - it’s in a single location where you can’t really use magic and is much headier and more similar to her sci-fi. tenar is one of her best realised characters.

gonna read eye of the heron soon, not read that or any of the orsinian stuff.


oh yeah, mentioned in the evening thread - theres a documentary getting released to tv in America tonight.

think you might be able to watch it if you’ve got amazon prime.

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have you seen there are a couple of folio society editions, pricey though

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I really enjoyed the first Earthsea. Liked the brevity and functionality of it all. Kind of reminded me of Jack Vance’s The Dying Earth.
My library has quite a few of her books luckily. Would quite like to watch the Ghibli film and this thread will remind me to seek it out one day I’m sure.
I also read and enjoyed The Left Hand of Darkness. Masterful bit of writing.



it looks nice!

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No one ever mentions The Word For World Is Forest when we talk about LeGuin, and we should, because it’s great.


Hmm really, should i try the next one then

yeah, I would. the second one is the best one, so if you don’t like that you can sack it off for deffo. only like 180 pages or whatever too.

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