US democracy and collapse thereof thread #ssp (for now) (Part 1)

Hello - thought considering the flurry of posting that is gonna go down today and tonight it would be worth doing a brand new thread, not least to encourage posters who don’t normally join in the US politics thread to get involved.

So then:

  • Trump
  • Biden

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Are you gonna be up all night or fucking it off and reading the papers in the morning?

hold me


The dread levels are absolutely higher today innit :confused:


Ah’m 'oot.


Mrs has asked if I can keep my viewing of it to iPhone-earphones this eve

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Reckon trump might go for the nukes if he loses


Got DnD with some US pals tonight.

I’ll check before bed. Sleep miserably. Wake up screaming.


Haven’t been paying a great deal of attention, but am I right in thinking that the massive levels of postal voting + different states having different rules on the deadline for eligible votes mean that whatever happens tonight it’s going to be unclear/disputed for at least a week afterwards?

The odds to me suggest Trump will win. He’s still only 6/4 despite huge weight of money.

Find it very hard to believe that with all the help they’ve got they won’t be able to fix those required swing states, plus voter suppression, abuse of data, etc.

And despite what the self-appointed experts claim, people are vastly, vastly underestimating shy bigot effect at the voting box.


What time will it be announced approx?
Off work tomorrow so considering watching but not if we get the confirmation at like 5 am

That’s the crux of it, and something trump will try to stop in any way he’s able as it’s likely that a lot of those votes will be dem

Going to get very very drunk today.


Feels a bit like a vote to either ruin America or ruining whatever countries the Dems donors business interests need the raw materials from

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Most likely. Exit polls and early trends may very well give us a good picture though, it will just depend on how close things are in particular battlegrounds which might be tied up for days to come.

I generally thought this, then had a brief moment of thinking Biden would pull out a lead, but now back to trump for pretty much every reason you say

Shy bigots absolutely do exist, especially mums and dads pretending not to be trump supporters for the sake of their kids on Facebook

Still going for Trump win, House Of Representatives and Senate Democrats. Off the back of absolutely nothing.

Pretty confident for Biden


Will crack open a beer for you this side of the pond

And then a lot of whisky

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I disagree with the weight of the shy Trumper thing (see threads, passim), but Trump still has a decent chance. All it needs is a few fuck ups in a few key counties to swing thing.

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And in 2016 most didn’t think those fuckups were possible to the point of incredulity. Now, we know it lurks as a possibility and I wonder if that emboldens trump voters to get out and vote