US Masters 2017! ⛳

It’s the best golf tournament of the year! With all due respect to the Open, it’s just nicer watching the world’s best wander round Augusta with wall to wall sunshine, lakes, rhododendrons and so on, rather than hacking out of three foot rough in a forgotten bit of Scotland during a hurricane. Although I do still like that too of course.

So who’s your money on? Dustin Johnson is favourite, and with damn good reason. He’s hitting it miles and putting like a dream, which is basically a perfect recipe for Augusta. I’ve piled on him (£10! I must be going mad), with some on Spieth too just because of his amazing Masters record. Even though he blew a five shot lead last year. Day is also great round Augusta and is 22/1, his form isn’t as good but maybe worth a go?

Was also going to have John Rahm as my 66/1 outsider, only he came in to 25/1 after making the final of the matchplay thing a couple of weeks ago. Annoying. Still going with him anyway, and might see if I can find a bet that he’ll beat McIlroy over the first two days (they’re in the same grouping).

Last year’s thread, for reference

Not gonna put any bets on this year after Speith’s meltdown cost me big money. My mate speculatively put £50 on Danny Willett “because he was the first English lad I saw on the betting app”. Cunt.

Think Johnson might be starting as a bigger favourite than Speith even was last year. Bloke’s untouchable at the moment.

Also can we all take a moment to remember Ernie Els’s, what was it, seven putting last year?

Bless that man.

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Love the masters :slight_smile:

Johnson is on fire right now and could if he keeps up his form win by a good few shots.
Spieths record at augusta is quite frankly ridiculous even with last years meltdown.
Rory who i read has just decided to change his clubs this week cannot be discounted.
Also Matsuyama is playing great and also Rahm.
Willet will be lucky to make the cut.

I chucked a couple of quid on Willett to win last year and had some money on Speith the previous year so hoping to continue my fine betting form. Shame i’m all over the place this weekend so can’t give it my full attention.

Absolutely LOVE The Masters!

I put money on Willett last year but I’m going nowhere near him this year. As Lopes says he probably won’t make the cut this year.
My hopes are that there isn’t a runaway leader. And that Peter Alliss is NOT on the BBC coverage.

Patrons, patrons, patrons!

I love the Masters cause it’s so goddamn pretty. I found out that my boyfriends granddad played in it a few times which is soooo cool.

I am very excited about the PAr 3 of course. It’s my favourite part cause you get to see all the GWAGS and the cute kids and I like to ask my bf if he got to play, could I caddy and he says yes.
Who will be caddying for Rory? Will he be showing off his new fiance? CAN’T WAIT TO FIND OUT.
Although apparently theres a storm a brewing and it might get cancelled.

I’ve put £5 on Rory and £5 on Henrick. Apparently there is wind due for Rory’s tee time. I’M WORRIED!!

I’ll be on outfit watch on behalf of DiS. Although I’m already disappointed seeing Rickies weird camo Puma shit and Rory wearing fucking burnt orange. Gimme the grey and neon yellow Rory!!


Wow, that IS super cool that your boyfriends granddad played! Wonder how he got on?
Fuck…imagine, just imagine playing Augusta!!!

He was an amateur but I don’t think he did too bad. He won the US amateur twice and the British one once.

It’s super cute how proud my bf is of it especially as it’s rubbed off on him and he’s now obsessed with golf :heart:

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No wonder he’s proud! That’s an amazing achievement.


Can’t believe it’s finally here, the unofficial start of the sporting year.

Seems lots of bookies paying out on 8 places but at 1/5 odds. Dustin playing so well at the min so hard to see past him especially if the course is playing long due to weather this week

After Danny boy’s brilliant effort last year got a sneaky feeling for a brit again.

Gonna have £5 EW on Casey, Westy & Fisher

I bloody love the Masters

Par 3 comp washed out!!! Do i not like that

Dustin injured in a fall at home, still “hopes to play”. Woah.

I feel like a back injury in golf isn’t really play-throughable. Bet the bookies are fucking delighted

I think if he doesn’t tee off you get your money back. I bloody hope so, anyway.

I would imagine (if it’s anything remotely bad) he’ll fill himself up with drugs, tee off, then pull out at some point or miss the cut

Not due to tee off until 2pm which is some silver lining i guess

Fuckin hell, the fuck did this happen?!

I’ve gone for Matsuyama, Lowry and Oostheuiezen.